MM- Thordrim "Clutch" McHale

Antisocial Mechanophile


Character Name: Thordrim McHale
Alias: Clutch
Race: Dwarf
Archetype: Rigger/Dragon Pilot

Body: 3
Agility: 5
Reaction: 5 (8)
Strength: 3
Willpower: 3
Logic: 5
Intuition: 3
Charisma: 1
Essence: 0.1
Physical: 6
Mental: 6
Social: 2

Engineeing Skillgroup- 5
Electronics Skillgroup- 2
Athletics Skillgroup- 3
Pilot: Groundcraft- 4 (APC)
Aircraft- 6 (Rotocraft)
Walker- 1 (2k)
Boat- 1 (2k)
Perception- 5
Automatics- 5 (Assault Rifles)
Gunnery- 6 (Ballistics)
Navigation- 1
Armorer- 3
Electronic Warfare- 6
Etiquette- 1
Unarmed Combat- 4 (Ares Firefight)
Instruction- 2

Knowledge Skills
English (N)
German- 3
Japanese- 1
Chinese- 1
Military Tech- 2
Military Tactics- 2
Corp Politics- 1
Corp Security- 2
Merc Groups- 2
Resistance Groups- 2

Control Rig 2
Wired Reflexes 1
Reaction Enhancers 2
Bone Augmentation 3
Fairlight Caliban w- Sim Module, Integrated

Jury Rigger
Negative Qualities
Code of Honor- Soldiers Code
Corporate Limited SIN- Valkyrie Tactical Interdiction and Defense

Gear: 275,000+ 20,000 (10k)= 295,000
Maersk Spider Rigger Control Console
All Common and Hacking Programs
Targetting: Ares Alpha 6
Targetting: RPK HMG 6
Targetting: Ingram Valiant 6
Clearsight 6
Electronic Warfare 6
Maneuver: Rotodrone 4
Maneuver: Flyspy 3
Stealth: Flyspy 3
Stealth: RotoDrone 3
Evasion: Rotodrone 5
Maneuver: Are Dragon 4
Stealth: Ares Dragon 3
Evasion: Ares Dragon 3
Maneuver: Ratel APC 2
Evasion: Ratel APC 2
FlySpy x3
Clearsight 2 Autosoft
Maneuver 1 Autosoft
Rotodrones x3
Are Alpha- w- Smartlink, Airburt Link, Gas Vent 3, Suppressor (Not Mounted)
Maneuver 1 Autosoft
Targetting: Ares Alpha 3 Autosoft
400 Rounds of Explosive Ammo
400 Rounds of Stick and Shock Ammo
400 Rounds of APDS Ammo
20 Mini Frag Grenades
20 Mini Flashbangs
20 Mini Smoke Grenades
20 Thermal Smoke Grenades
20 Mini High Explosive Grenades
Cyber Goggles
Flare Comp
Vision Mag
Vision Enhancement 1
Image Link
Yamaha Raiden w-Gas Vent 3 & Shockpad
Ares Crusader 2 w- Supressor
100 Rounds Explosive Ammo
100 Rounds of Stick and Shock Ammo
100 Rounds of APDS Ammo
Hardened Light Mil-Spec Armor w- Helmet, Biomonitor
Fire Resistance 4
Nonconductivity 2
Armor Vest
Colt Government 2066
Combat Knife
Security License
Mercenary License
Fake SIN: 3
Earbud Audio Enhancer- Audio Enhancement 1, Spatial Recognizer
Headphones- Audio Enhancement 2, Select Sound Filter 2, Spatial Recognizer
Mechanical Toolkit
Electronic Toolkit
Bug Scanner 5
Head Jammer 5
Tag Eraser
Area Jammer 5
Directional Jammer 5


Born in Dublin, Ireland, Thordrim was orphaned by his birth parents on the Night of Rage in 2039. He was placed in a Catholic orphanage in Dublin just weeks before it was burnt down in a riot, then was transferred to a London Parrish, where he stayed until he reached his early adulthood.

Wanting to get out of the orphanage and see the Sixth World, he joined up the London subsidiary of Novatech’s Minuteman Security in 2054. After serving for nearly a year as copilot, he was offered a chance to fly his own chopper, and was deployed as part of the AGS/Megacorp Taskforce charged with ending Anarchist rule in Berlin in 2055. During his second tour, Thordrim’s helicoptor was shot down and all onboard were reported KIA. But he actually survived the crash and was captured by the Berlin Anarchist Defense Force. After recovering from his wounds, he defected to the BADF after experiencing the carnage being wrought on the city by the Mercenary forces laying siege. He fought alongside the anarchists for 4 years until the resistance was finally worn down and bottled up in the far eastern edge of the city. The final truce was signed in 2060, ending the bitter struggle that had raged for half a decade.

He was then recruited by General Genry von Tresckow, the BADF commander who had led the defense of the city against the Megacorps, who was putting together his own Mercenary firm, Valkyrie Tactical Interdiction and Defense. Thordrim has been with Valkyrie ever since, until accepting as assignment to PMSC, a newly formed Mercenary group based in Seattle who VTID has signed with to provide arms and military hardware; where he trained the fledgling firm’s riggers and flight crews for over a year. He recently tranferred back to a VTID Naval base in Hamburg, where he began moonlighting as a shadowrunner.

MM- Thordrim "Clutch" McHale

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