NPC: Wacky Millennial

Blogger, Connection 4


Wacky millennial is over hundred years old, looks like she is 20 and runs a very popular blog about fashion, politics and art. She uploads a biweekly podcast where she discusses the recent developments in the covered fields, as well as interview people. She has 4 million followers in he UCAS and Europe. Wacky is of asian descent and with brown eyes and straight black hair. She is considerably shorter than she appears in her blog, and has a mild addiction to antidepressants.

Connection to Becky:
Becky organized tickets for Wacky to some fashion shows in the last year, which means that Wacky owes her a favor. If such a favor is useful for a wannabe shadowrunner remains to be seen but an ultra popular blogger is worth the contact number.

NPC: Wacky Millennial

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