Jenny Lin “Glo”

Tags Assassin Bioadept

Asian Human

Age 21 Sex F Height Small Build Slight
Nationality None
Description In the eyes of her former corporate masters Glo is a deadly thing indeed, an asset who broke her programming and went rogue. She was picked off the street at about the age of three by an Azzie black ops unit which was training infiltrators for use against its competitors in Asia and the UCAS. A series of positive and negative reinforcement, often with the aid of blood magic, broke her down and rebuilt her into the tool they wanted. They also crammed her full of SOTA gene and bioware mods to make her in to an almost undetectable killer.

The exact nature of her break with Aztechnology is something Glo never talks about, but clearly the mental scars are still there. With the aid of some runners and a T-Bird jammer she made the break to Seattle. There she earnt her shadow handle from the ethereal glow she often outputs from her skin, a direct break from the stealth training that was drummed in to her from her broken youth.

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Strength 3
Agility 7
Willpower 3
Logic 5
Charisma 3
Edge 3
Essence 5 –1 modifier on Magic-related Tests & healing attempts

Phys CM 10
Stun CM 10

Skill Pools

Athletics 9
Close Combat (Whips) 12/14
Projectile Weapons 7
Firearms 9
Heavy Weapons 7
Vehicle Weapons 7
Stealth 11 +2D catlike
Piloting (Ground) 7
Piloting (Other) 7
Escape Artist 7
Survival 3
Biotech 5
Hacking 5
Electronics 5
Engineering 5
Tracking 5
Con 3
Intimidation 3
Negotiation 3
Disguise 3

Shadow Amps

Monowhip (Amp Level 2): Weapon. Damage 7P/AA Range OK*, – , – , *Player(s) damaged as well at GM discretion
Ruthenium Orthoskin 2 (Amp Level 4): Bioware. Damage is reduced by 1 per attack. Re-roll 1 stealth D. -0.5 Essence
Bioware arms 1 (Amp Level 3): Bioware. May reroll 1D on Agility-related rolls. –0.5 Essence


Exceptional Attribute (Agility)
Phobia (Aztechnology)


Second Skin Bodyglove


Type Dmg Close Near Far
Unarmed 2S OK - -
Monowhip 7P/AA OK* - -
Narcojet Pistol 6S OK -4 -
Ranger Arms SM-5 9P -4 -2 OK


Runner Survival Kit
Fairlight Caliban ’link
Yamaha Rapier Street Bike
Westwind 3000


Torrent [International Fixer]
Hopper [T Bird Jammer]


2075: Stormy Waters Arialles