Horace Gillespie

Horace Gillespie is a troll. He is also the owner of the Prospect of Whitby, the roughest dive in London’s Docklands. He inherited the place from his father Thad, who passed away a couple of years ago at the ripe old age of 42.

As the owner of the Prospect, it is impossible for Horace to be unaware of the various illegal deals that are struck under his roof. He does not participate directly, but he does offer peripheral services – he rents storage space no questions asked in a warehouse behind the pub, and his private meeting rooms have top-notch electronic and astral security.

By day, Horace is an avid yachtsman, having been taught boating by a friend of his father in his youth. His business allows him to keep both a sleek racing boat and a well-appointed sailing yacht at upscale marinas on the Thames, and on weekends he makes straight for the open waters rain or shine.

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Horace Gillespie

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