Met Safehouse Engagement

Pre Combat
Gangers turn up, start circling (not around the back, too many trees up against railway line) Mana static followed by Pulse Mortar fire thermal smoke around the building (not from the van, and after the Pulse as far as I recall) Vans arrive Isaint fires on van 1, van fires a flashbang back Al blows the breech on the west side of the building facing the parking area and then jumps on the flashbang fired at Isaint Deckard ‘wakes up’
Mortar fire RFID swarm around the area
Everyone pours out of the breech
Robyn and Al2 dispatch two gangers by the breech Isaint kills a stationary bike
2 attackers from van 1 enter the building, firing more flashbangs (no game effect) Tank proceeds along the south edge of the building Animal Handler and 2 barghests get out of van 2, paralyzing howls
Al2 paralyzed, Robyn goes to VR

32 Isaint shoots invader inside building
32 Al shoots but misses second invader (full def) who drags his buddy in to cover (no sonic attacks :P)
30 Van 2 fires a flashbang at the group (To avoid multiple people retconning IC this one gets through, don’t think it did more than 3 stun to anyone?!?)
28 Arthur shoots at the handler and barghests (7 hits, -8 Def, DV12, + 4AP ) Handler Rea + Int + Combat Sense + 4 Cover -8 spread = 10D = 4 hits (resist 4 + 18 + 2 + 4 = 28D = 9 hits, 6 damage, edge re-roll 8 hits, no damage), barghests Rea + Int + 4 Cover-8 spread =7D = 3 hits & 4 hits (resist 8 + 14 + 4 = 26D = 11 hits & 9 hits, 5 damage & 6 damage)
25 Attacker to the south fires a neurostun grenade at the group – I’m assuming Deckard had a held action so he can fling it away, Isaint uses an interupt action to get closer to attacker -5 ini.
21 Robyn Matrix perception for hidden icons, yes, there are several!
18 Deckard – used the fling to grab the neurostun
14 Jackhammer misses barghest
11 Yukika commands spirit: movement on the team

?? VR Decker scanning for hidden icons!

15 delayed for clear shot – Al shoots Jack’s barghest (5 hits, 12P, -5 AP) 8D def = 2 hits (resist 8 + 14 -5 = 17D = 6 hits), dog monster hits the ground!
20 Van 2 launches drone swarm 6xrota drones with narcojet rifles
18 Arthur fires at Jackhammer’s barghest (6 hits, -8 Def, DV12, + 4AP) def 5D = 2 hits (resist 26D = 8 hits, edge re-roll +6hits = 2 damage, total 7)
15 Animal Handler orders barghests to attack
15 Tank by SW corner ‘waits’ for Isaint and shoots at him as he rounds the corner, Isaint Def 5 with -5D long burst Ares Alpha APDS [A5, 11P, -6AP] 20D 8 hits limited to 7, Edged miss
15 Attacker inside building emergency patching his mate
12 Isaint charges towards SW corner of building going full def – fires at SW attacker 4 hits, miss!
11 Robyn hunting for RCC, finds it
8 Deckard Fling knife at barghest (knife swerves, it got counterspelled!!!)
8 Barghest attack Isaint (5Agi + 8Att + 2Charge -2damage = 13D = 2 hits) Isaint Def 8 Miss!
4 Jackhammer?
1 Yukika Commanding Voice on Handler and ‘Rigger’: no apparent effect so far…

?? VR Decker homing in on Robyn’s deck (using the same principals Jack mentioned) Log+Sleaze resist 4 – probably located the icon!

12 Al?
10 Drone swarm 6x MCT-Nissan Roto-Drone [H4, Sp4, Ac2, B4, A4, Pi3, Sn3] + 5D + 5 limit for swarm Rifle Targeting 6 + Pi3 + Smart2 + 5Swarm = 16D at Jackhammer = 5 hits Def roll please Parashield Dart Rifle [A6, Power 15, Injection, Immediate, pen 0, Stun damage] – I think you need 3 hits min to avoid penetration as you are wearing full armour?!?
8 Arthur greases barghest 2!

5 Animal Handler short aimed burst Ares Alpha at Arthur w. APDS [A5, 11 + 1P, -6AP] 18D = 7 hits
5 Tank long burst vs Isaint -5D long burst Ares Alpha APDS [A5, 11P, -6AP] 20D = 6 hits Def 8 even with -5D :P
5 Van 1 Driver long burst vs Isaint HK MP75 SMG w. APDS [A6, 9P, -5AP] 18D = 6 3 Def
2 Isaint shoots SW Tank 6 hits DV 14P AP-7 Def -3 (def 7 + 5-3 = 9D = 3 hits, resist 6 + 18 + 11* =35D = 11hits) 6 damage and I suspect he falls on his arse
1 Robyn Data spike on RCC 13 hits 9DV (resist INT+Firewall = 13D) …it goes offline, probably a sparking mess! Note to self: Wrapper and Smoke&Mirrors on all RCCs from now on!

?? VR Decker: what goes around comes around! Dataspike on Robyn’s deck, configured for attack = 16D + 2Prog = 6 hits DV8 vs. Int + Firewall

2 Al Perception tests

36 Isaint: Simple Action: Command Arthur to shoot at Handler, Simple Action: 3 Round Bullseye Burst vs. Rifle man at the corner, Free Action: Adept Centering, Free Action: Called Shot – 4 Successes, Tank soaks damage completely
32 Robyn Her first action is to locate the opposition deck (no deck – using wrapper, at least 1 hidden icon per attacker, more in the vans!)
31 Handler: Aim, Bullseye Burst vs. Arthur, 1 net success, Arthur soaks damage completely
30 Arthur: Returns fire at Handler, FA Burst, misses
27 Al tries to run Handler down, 14 successes…
26 Enemy Decker: Send data spike at Robyn. 18d6 attack for 5 hits. Robyn dodges with 6 hits.
24 Jackhammer: moves to Isaint’s position, draws Ruger
22 Tank: Aims, Fires at Al’s car short aimed burst Ares Alpha w. APDS [A5, 11 + 1P, -6AP] 21D = 12 hits limited to 7 hits!
22 Driver aims, fires at Isaint’s car short aimed burst HK MP75 [A6, 9P, -5AP] 19D = 5 hits, no dodge!
Arthur get’s hit, but damage is to low – converted to Stun and ignored Car gets hit and takes 11 damage, -3 to limits and Piloting tests Hellhound in Valkyrie Module gets hit for 5 damage – Autodoc starts treatment – will heal 3 damage
17 Yukika, Activate weapon Focus, Observe in Detail 2 hits ?? Deckard commands spirit to find mage

26 Isaint: Aimed Shot at Driver: Blast out of Hand: Makes Driver drop weapon
22 Robyn: Change of tactic. Robyn sends a Data Spike at the gun of the man attacking ISaint 15 successes DV11 + net hits
20 Arthur: Lays down Suppressive Fire against Driver
19 Deckard’s spirit takes down opposing spirit
16 Enemy Decker: Send (final) data spike at Robyn. 18d6 attack 7 hits, Robyn dodges the data spike
14 Jackhammer ??
12 Driver battens down the hatches and begins to reverse van
12 Tank makes for the far side of the van (not in the suppressive fire zone)
7 Yukika Overcast Magic Fingers

16 Isaint shoots at Tank with Shake Up trick to take his last action at 2 away
12 Robyn sends a data spike at the cyborg’s eyes 7 successes DV11+ net hits
9 Deckard’s spirit manifests
6 Decker HotF on a parked car
4 Jackhammer Gets in Al’s Car
2 Driver changes grenade clip for HE type
Al driving
Van2 Rigger HotF parked car

6 Isaint Disables van 1, commands Arthur
2 Robyn Use Free Action to swap Firewall and Attack stats. Assign Overclocker bonus to Firewall. Hold further actions.

28 Isaint shoots grenade launcher
27 Deckard’s spirit attempts engulf on the mage who evades
26 Decker remote controls car to intercept Al
26 Robyn data spikes car
25 Van2 Rigger remote controls car towards Isaint
24 Driver attempts to fire HE grenade at Morgan
23 Arthur begins to drive
12 Yukika Cast Magic Fingers
7 Mage stunbolts Deckard’s spirit for 1 stun

??Deckard Levitates Tank

4x Mortar rounds launched at the beginning of the phase, air burst and are solid by the end

18 Isaint activates Qi focus
17 Deckard’s spirit engulfs mage who goes unconscious
16 Robyn
14 Driver pops hatch on Van 1
2 Yukika lost because of -2
??Deckard drops Van2 on the tank

7 Deckard’s spirit picks up gnome…
4 Driver aims, opens fire on Al’s car w. Ingram Smartgun X [A4, 8P, 0AP, BF/FA, R2] 19D -2Def
3 Isaint: Kip Up: Destroy Window, command Arthur

27 Isaint climb in window
25 Al
23 Arthur stears car
26 -10 Samurai goes FD and then opens fire on Isaint BF w. HK MP75 [A6, 9P, -5AP] 19D -2Def
17 Decker Suppresses Noise (6)
14 Yukika clean car window to see out.
17 Isaint gives commands
15 Al
13 Arthur changes Drum on Autoshotgun
16 Samurai shoots at Isaint w/ FA, hits, Isaint soaks full w/ Edge
4 Yukika use magic fingers to fetch hound out of valkyrie unit.
7 Decker Data Spikes Isaint’s jammer for 0 Net-successes, no damage on either side

7 Isaint throws Narcoject grenade at Samurai, hits
6 Samurai aims and shoots one last burst before going unconscious, hitting Isaint for 4 S. Isaint is at 10/11 S total.
3 Arthur tries to open door with STR+BOD test, fails.

25 Arthur fails to open door
24 Isaint commands Arthur
15 Arthur changes drums
14 Isaint uses focused concentration
10 Yukika moving Hound to car
5 Arthur opens roof with focused burst (Brain Blaster)
4 Isaint uses Drone view to throw pepper punch grenade from cover into van
Decker and Driver gain 10 S from first exposure – go unconscious at end of round

Met Safehouse Engagement

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