Professor Daniel Curtis

An English ork of West Indian descent, Daniel Curtis spent his early adulthood leading a crew of wildlife bounty hunters. They worked the North Sea and Northern European toxic zones bagging dangerous paranormals as well as toxic mutants, making good money.

After about ten years, Daniel’s joints were already growing arthritic and his eyesight was weakening. Realizing he was rapidly becoming too old for such a life, he took his earnings, cashed out his stake in the group’s boat, and went back to school. With his first-hand knowledge as an ace-in-the-hole, he studied parazoology, won a master’s with honor based on a couple of successful field expeditions, and eventually earned his PhD. The ten years it took to transform him from street-educated into a man of letters also acculturated him to the social niceties of the ivory tower, and after lecturing at a number of universities, he ended up with a tenured position at Oxford, where he currently teaches and resides.

As a fifty-one-year-old ork, Curtis is now extremely old and frail, but his mind is as sharp as ever.

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Professor Daniel Curtis

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