'Razor' - Ripperdoc

Razor runs a back-alley clinic, catering for all your illegal ’ware needs. He also caters to other needs – medical drugs, organs, blood… anything the body could need!

He’s not a vicious man by nature, but is ruthlessly efficient and very blunt when talking to clients about what can be done for them. You don’t go to Razor if you want things sugar coating.

Uses: Ware, surgery, patch jobs, implants, body parts.
Places to Meet: ’Razor’s place’ surgery
Contact: Drop-in or commcode
Available: Clinic is open 16 hours a day. Immediately in emergencies.

Note: Jan worked with Razor for about a year. He was surgical assistant, security and even medical evac. all rolled into one. They have a good relationship. Razor is one of the first people Jan knew on moving to Seattle, and stayed above the clinic for a few weeks.

'Razor' - Ripperdoc

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