Description: Scratch on the face of it is just another ganger from the wrong end of Puyallup…but the interest that the Old One has shown in her makes her more than that. Born in the SCIRE she witnessed first hand the horrors of Deus’ occupation until the army finally liberated the arcology. Left to her own devices she was cast out in the sprawl but the Old One continued to mould her for reasons as yet unknown.

Uses: Puyallup street info
Places to Meet: The Crime Mall
Contact: Commcode, when she’s managed to charge it

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Miranda Wild ""Scratch""

Caucasian Human

DOB 2055 Sex F Height Small Build Lithe
Nationality None
Description Scratch is one of those people who is rarely still, a bundle of barely contained energy. She has long dark hair and vivid silvery grey eyes, pretty enough but somewhat marred by the impression of having seen too much, a haunted expression that never quite escapes her.

Race D Attributes A Magic B Skills C Resources E


Body: 4
Agility: 9
Reaction: 7
Strength: 4
Willpower: 3
Logic: 2
Intuition: 5
Charisma: 3
Edge: 5
Magic/Resonance: 6
Essence: 6
Initiative: 12
Initiative D: 2D6

Physical Limit: 7
Mental Limit: 4
Social Limit: 5

Phys CM: 10
Stun CM: 10

Surprise: 12 Threshold 3, +3D if alerted
Composure: 6
Judge Intentions: 8
Memory: 5
Lift/Carry: 40kgs
Movement: 18

Positive Qualities / Racial Bonuses

Athlete’s Way Adept 20
Natural Athlete 7
Agile Defender 3
School of Hard Knocks 4

Negative Qualities / Racial Penalties

Flashbacks [SCIRE] 7
Mild Phobia [Obvious Cyber] 5
Dependant [ Summer ] 3
In Debt 1 1


Gymnastics [Parkour] 6 ( 17 /19)
Pistols [SAs] 4 ( 13 /15)
Sneaking 4 ( 13 )
Unarmed Combat 6 ( 15 )
Running 5 ( 11 )
Navigation 2 ( 7 )
Perception 5 ( 10 )
Tracking 2 ( 7 )
Survival 2 ( 5 )

Adept Powers

Improved Agility 3 * 2.5
Improved Reaction 1 * 0.5
Improved Reflexes 1 1.5
Skate * 0.5
Wall Running 0.5
Freefall 1 0.25
Light Body 1 0.25

  • Way Power


Qi Focus 2 w. Penetrating Strike 2

11K to spend

Hi, my name is Miranda, although I’ve not been called that in a very long time. I go by Scratch now, something that was landed on me but it kinda suits, but more on that in a minute.

I’m a bit under average height I guess, and people have told me I’m pretty. On the streets that’s perhaps more of a curse than a blessing but so far nobody who has tried to jump me has left with any sort of dignity attached. As you can see I’ve got long dark hair and grey eyes, those I get from my Dad…I can barely remember him now.

I wasn’t always this thin, but life out here isn’t exactly easy. But I’m not complaining really, I’ve got Summer to look after, and she looks after me. I’ve hung with the local gang for a few years now, the boys are alright and they know when to keep their distance.

I suppose the obvious place that my story starts is when I was five in the SCIRE. I was probably a model corp brat, I know my parents were proud of me, but that all went to shit when the arcology went mad. I don’t really want to talk about that time, let’s just say it has left its scars and things I will never forget. I grew up fast, too fast but I like to think I’m not as messed up as I might have been had I not been taken in by the Resistance.

I first met the Old Man sometime around then…he’s a weird one. He rarely has the same appearance twice, other than as a bloody old git, and it took some getting used to. Life was about subsisting and not letting the machines catch you and he taught me how to run and hide and how to fight as a last resort.

I guess I was being groomed, he didn’t spend nearly as long with anyone else in the resistance, but that doesn’t stop me being grateful. I was eight when the army finally got off its collective arse and stormed the arcology. Renraku certainly hadn’t done anything so I suppose we were happy that anyone was taking notice of our plight. One of the resistance helped a few of us kids to slip past the fighting and make our way in to the Underground where I met Ma and she took a couple of us in. It wasn’t completely altruistic on her part, we worked for our keep but I got along well with her and her son Col and I don’t doubt that I was very lucky not to have ended up as meat on the street.

Things soured a bit when I was twelve though as Col began to take an unhealthy interest in me and I wasn’t even remotely ready for that sort of thing. I took off in to the sprawl and spent my time living hand to mouth and most of that riding around on the plex busses and liberating the unsuspecting from their hard earned cash.

It was pretty bloody bleak for a while and there were moments when I despaired of ever getting off the streets and then my luck shone again, or someone up there smiled on me, and the Old Man caught up with me once more. Gods knows who he is, I certainly don’t, and normally if I’d been approached by some old Rasta I would have stuck a shiv in him but He is different. As I mentioned I didn’t know he was the same guy who I saw in the arc…but then the world is full of weird shit and I needed someone to sort me out!

He’s not exactly open about himself, goes with the whole face shifting thing perhaps? I know that he’s helped other kids in the past and it was him who found Summer and brought her to me. He appears when and where he wants and buggers off again as readily, but never without offering some sage advice and a clip round the ear if I’m not learning fast enough.

It was him who taught me about my Gift and made me realise its potential. I’m not sure he approves of some of the uses I’ve put it to but I’m a survivor and I’ll do what it takes to protect myself and Summer. I guess my skills come from a mix of his teaching and my slightly disjointed but well intended upbringing in the Underground from Ma and her friends.

Talking of Summer, I’ve not really told you anything about her yet have I? I guess she’s the main reason I’m here now as she’s given me something more to live for than just myself. The Old Man probably knew that’s what I needed to keep from going off the deep end. She’s an odd kid, often talking to herself and not always completely focussed on the world, but for all that she’s a demon on the VR games and can find just about any bit of obscure info on the ‘trix. I resented the babysitting task at first but she won me round with her odd charm and her need for me to look after her.

I hooked up with the gang as some additional protection and somewhere we could put our heads down without always watching our backs …before everything went to drek there too with the loss of the boss man and the gang conflict over that Tempo crap…if I was superstitious I might think that the good luck in my life has been balanced by the disasters that seem to follow me around, now I’m beginning to sound like the Old Man with his talk of balance and consequences…anyway, the gang offered a chance for somewhere safe for me and Summer to stay, once I’d made it clear that I wasn’t going to sleep with any of them. Things got off to a rocky start when the Boss tried it on and I scratched him up a bit. Rather than get revenge on the puny girl he just laughed it off and said I should be called Scratch ‘cause of my claws and it’s just stuck…

Summer and I have a corner doss which provides us with power and even occasionally has hot running water. We try and keep it tidy with enough stuff packed so that we can move on in a hurry if need be…it’s happened before. We’ve not got much in the way of nuyen to splash around but it’s fairly comfortable.

In recent months Summer has been up to something, constantly needing to run around the ‘plex on her mission (I sometimes feel like a moaning golden robot from that ancient 2D flick!?). She’s allowed me to tag along on occasion, and the other times I’ve simply followed her and I’m sure she knew I was there. Bodyguard wasn’t something I would have ever anticipated doing but this is clearly important, I just don’t understand it! The bus fares are mounting up though and there doesn’t seem to be any income from whatever we are doing… at least apart from The Suit who was generous enough…

We’re doing ok for the moment and I try not to dwell too much on what the future holds, taking each day at a time leaves less room for disappointments. I’ve been yearning for something else other than reaching the next level on whatever VR game I’m playing and living hand to mouth, however, and Summer seems to offer that chance…


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