Seeker [Human Bounty Hunter, Connection 4]

Festivale [Human Phoenix Adept & Performer, Connection 3]

Comb [Elven Aspected Mage, Connection 2]

Hellion [Human Monster Fighter, Connection 2]

Glo [Human Former Azzie Assassin, Connection 3]

Stormsurge [Orc Elemental Adept, Connection 2]

Switch [Changeling Telekinetic, Connection 3]

Dark Hope [Monad Infiltrator, Samurai, Connection 4]

Javelin [Escaped Cyborg Samurai, Connection 2]

Flicker [Changeling newbie runner, Connection 2]

Balefire [Prime Runner Team, Connection 6]

  • Bale [Human Surveillance Specialist, Mage, Connection 5]
  • Requiem [Elf Samurai, Weapons Specialist, Connection 4]]
  • Silk [Changeling Infobroker, Infiltrator, Connection 4]
  • Riptide [Human Combat Decker, Face, Connection 5]
  • Opium [Changeling Rigger, Connection 3]

The Revenants [Prime Runner Mage Hunters, Connection 5]

The Reaping [Prime Runner Wetwork Specialists, Connection 6]

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2075: Stormy Waters Arialles