Sonya Konstantinov

Sonya Konstantinov — Florist (connection 2)

Role: Florist (and confidante)

A tall, big-framed woman, whose muddy-brown hair and square face could be dismissed as homely were it not for her eyes, smile, and almost dance-like way of moving

Preferred Runners: Ones who avoid violence. Her Father was killed by a runner who prefered not to leave possible witnesses, and while the bounty she put on his head was collected, she regrets all the death and prefers to avoid being involved in more. But a woman can use a little bit interesting in her life now and then.

Uses: A florist knows a surprising amount about what is going on — or maybe you just need to rush some flowers to your Johnson before breaking the bad news about the McGuffin, the tree chipper, and the unfortunate choice of hiding spots. Non-professionally she is good at helping people get past addictions, and is Preston’s one honest friend. And finally her father was a well respected bodyguard, and she has inherited a few minor contacts in that field.

Places to Meet: her store, casual dining restaurants.

Contact: In-store, commlink

Available: In-store 90% during business hours. Commlink out of business hours 60%

She came to Seattle with her parents when she was still a tot. As she grew older she came to understand what her father did for a living and how dangerous it might be. She turned her back on such a field, choosing instead to become a florist. Her father fully supported her, and helped her buy her own store once she had gained some experience.

It wasn’t long after that her father was killed. She took her inheritance and used it to place a bounty on the cold blooded runner who had killed a man who was already down. The bounty did not end up being easy to collect, and one highly experienced bounty hunter was taken out with mind magic. His junior partner recovered from his own injuries and doggedly stayed on the trail, finally taking down the mage. In the relief afterwards they became lovers for a while, but they were each medicating their grief in various negative ways and mostly were enabling each other.

He was the one who got it together to break up, but she was the one who got herself together, then she found him and helped him get mostly clean to, which probably helped her heal further herself.

Sonya Konstantinov

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