Aisha Chaka al-Baz [Orc Trauma Surgeon & Implant Maintenance; Connection 2]

Over-the-Counter [Human Street Doc, Connection 4]

Mordecai Sparks [Human Bartender, Connection 1]

Dr. Patricia Kwon [Elven Street Doc, UK, Connection 4]

Horace Gillespie [Troll Bar Owner, UK, Connection 5]

Vicar Aldous Fletch [Dwarven Vicar, UK, Connection 3]

Chastity Alsaints [Human Pawnshop Owner, UK, Connection 4]

Cannon [Human Arms & Tech Dealer, Connection 3]

Laughing Dog [Human Coyote, Connection 3]

Gwendolyn Standing Heron [Ork Salish Warrior, Connection 3]

Bouncy Bobbi [Human Fence, Connection 6]

Hopper [Human Smuggler, T-Bird Jammer, Connection 4]

Mr Mouse [Dwarven Street Snitch, Connection 3]

Drox [Street Medic, Connection 3]

Kit and Kat [Elven Couriers, Connection 3]

Brianna Black Turtle [Dwarf Female Mechanic. Connection 3]

Grace [Dwarf Club Owner, Connection 4]

Cinnamon [Elven SIM Starlet, Connection 3]

Mustard Kid [Street Kid, Connection 1]

Radiant Shadow [Drug&BTL dealer to the fabulous, Connection 4]

DiGriz [Dwarven mechanic, counterculture philosopher, Connection 2]

Feral [Human adept, Wolf Pack leader, Connection 4]

Linnet [Troll Invisible Adept, Connection 2]

Melvin Zorgo (Dwarven Arms Dealer, Connection 4)

Kevin Zorgo (Dwarven Mechanic, Connection 2)

Black Jack Marinez [Puyallup gang leader, Connection 3]

Hummingbird [Streetwalker, Connection 2]

Heather ‘Icy’ Nguyen [Go-ganger – Ancents memberr, Connection 4]

White Horse [Armorer / weapons smuggler, Connectin 3]

Jackson “Love” Robinson [Human Coyote, Connection 4]

Waylon [Homeless Rights Activist, Connection 2]

David Hiawatha [Salish Street Doc / Fixer, Connection 5]

Olivia Moor [Orc Owner of the confessions club, Connection 4]

Gilberto di Piento [ID Manufacturer/Retailer, Connection 5]

Skar [Skraacha gang leader, Seattle Underground, Connection 4]

Jitan Singh [Human Dojo Master, Connection 2]

Leaf [Hoverboard Gang Leader, Connection 3]

Hazard [Orc Wheelman, Connection 3]

Cypher [Human adept, Connection 3]

Pukka [Cockney Orc Crime Mall Dealer, Connection 3]

Filth [Human Junk Yard Owner, Puyallup, Connection 3]

Escher [Human ID Manufacturer/Forger, Connection 4]

Dominic Grace [Stillwater Medic, Connection 3]

Scratch [Human freerunner, Connection 2]

Duke Dirt[Underground gang leader, Connection 4 ]

Marie 88 [Kalanyr’s Isotopes gang leader, connection 4 ]

Keebkill [Orxploitation garage band]

Mechanicals Tribe [Steampunk enthusiasts, Connection 3]

  • Cam [Ghoul Enforcer, Connection 3]
  • Sprogget [Orc Techno Machinist, Connection 2]
  • Bit [Dwarf Mechanicals Tech, Connection 2]

The Mechanica [The original Steampunk source, Connection 4]

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