Aisha Chaka al-Baz

Metagene: Orc
Ethnicity: Afro-Asiatic
Date of Birth: July 13, 2047
Age: 28 yrs.
Height: 1.92m (6ft, 3in.)
Weight: 81kg (178lbs.)
Eyes: Brown; Dark Green outer iris
Hair: Black, Straightened and Styled
Skin: Dark Olive; Smooth Bio-Sculpt

Occupation: Cyber Surgeon, Trauma Surgeon (Connection 2)
Employer: Alamut Medical Implant Service, LLC

Aisha was born to a devout Muslim family, in the Quebec Republic, she, like her gained admission at the prestigious Université McGill Faculté de Médecine . However, in her late teens her metagene expressed through a prolonged period of seizures. As it became clear that she was no longer, human, her family, following their conservative religious beliefs disowned their daughter.

Thankfully, one of her professors, an orc himself, understood the issues that she was facing, and worked tirelessly with her to ensure that she could continue to attend McGill. Largely due to his involvement, she graduated with honors, receiving her Bachelor’s in medicine, surgery, and cyber-technology. On her graduation she applied to Tetreault Transhuman Technologies, where she worked as a member of their Rapid Response Trauma Team, learning to pilot a panzer with considerable skill and aptitude.

She worked with Bryant Champagne, and came to respect him for his professionalism, despite her disapproval of his relationship with Iris Chase. Alisha did enter into a brief, but intense, romantic liaison with a co-worker, Washington Turner, one of Champagne’s security team, a matrix specialist. After the MCT Extraction, and the death of Champagne, she resigned her position, and left the Quebec Republic.

Using the considerable buy out, due to Shiawase’s take over, she restarted on the west coast, settling in Seattle. She opened Alamut, and overcome the blockades that were put in front of her due to her metagene. She received aid from the Underground, a movement that meant to legitimize Orc businesses in the downtown core, and proponents of Proposition 23. Alamut, with the patronage of the Underground, has become a successful, if not entirely profitable business venture. As such she is willing to assist the Underground, or those in need, provided she is able to vet them, and their reputation, prior to risking the solvency of her clinic by providing aid.

Aisha Chaka al-Baz

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