Archive of Adepts

I’ve decided to move my Archive over here and update some of the older characters as I go. As ever, if you’ve got any thoughts or comments on the individual adepts then I’d appreciate a PM or email to

The adepts here don’t necessarily have the ‘Way’ that they have been listed under but I’ve grouped them under the category that seems to best fit their mind-set.

Artisan’s Way
Silk F Changeling Infiltrator turned Infobroker – Pattern Adept [Sum-10+Karma]
Song F Human AR Hacker Adept [Sum-10]
Jackdaw F Pixie Hacker [Sum-10]
Briar F Human Matrix Adept [Anarchy]
Hazard M Orc Wheelman [Sum-10]
Weaver M Dwarf VR Matrix Adept [Sum-10]

Artist’s Way
Festivale F Human Phoenix Mysad, Singer and Face [Sum-10]
Midnight F Cat Changeling Performer [Sum-10]
Cobweb F Human Dancer & Socialite [Sum-10]

Athlete’s Way
Spite F Human Dancer Adept [Sum-10]
Scratch F Human Free Runner [Sum-10]
Kit M Elf Parkour Adept [Sum-10] Kat’s brother
Corsair M Orc Dancer [Sum-10]
Leaf F Human Hover Boarder [Sum-10]
Cotton F Human Treasure Hunter [Sum-14 Prime]

Beast’s Way
Feral M Human Wolf Adept [1000K]
He-Who-Sees-Within M Human Snake Shaman, healer [Sum-10]

Burnout’s Way
Watcher M Human Anthropologist turned Infiltrator [Sum-10] Silkie/Lace’s dad
Renaissance M Human Transhumanist [Sum-14 Prime]

Invisible Way
Kat F Elven Cat Burglar [Sum-10], Kit’s sister
Cypher M Human Many Faces [Sum-10]
Linnet F Troll Invisible Adept [Anarchy]
Opium Changeling Rigger/Infiltrator [Sum-14 Prime]

Magician’s Way
Switch F Changeling Telekinetic Mysad [Sum-10], Silk’s half sister
Random M Elf Spellmaster Mysad [1000K]
Satire F Dryad Harlequin Mime [Sum-14 Prime]
Spriggan F Changeling Mysad [Sum-10]
Blossom F Gnome Anti-mage [Sum-10]
Bale M Human Surveillance Mage [Sum-14 Prime]

Speaker’s Way
Lace / Silkie F Human Voice – Pattern Adept [1000K / Sum-6], Watcher’s daughter
Ethereal F Dryad Warder [Sum-10 Prime]

Spiritual Way
Serenity F Free Drake Summoner [800K]

Warrior’s Way
Cam M Ghoul Steampunk Swordsman [Anarchy]
Stormsurge M Orc Elemental Adept [Sum-10]
Stormcrow F Human Jedi Wannabee [Sum-10]
Velvet F Vampire Elementalist [Sum-14 Prime]
Hellion F Human Monster Fighter [Anarchy]

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Archive of Adepts

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