Bushbreaker (Jamal Redrock)

Smuggler / Connection 3 (6e) / 2 (5e)

A still young Orc of the Salish Orc tribe, Jamal is from a family of smugglers and is stepping into the heart of the business as the older generation starts to fade. He was away for a couple of years (see Run!), and came back somewhat more sedate than the devil-may-care youth who had disappeared into Seattle, and his focus on the business has been a pleasant surprise to his elders. He may be quieter than he was, but he still has an easy smile and a sense of humor about even the roughest of situations. He’s a natural flirt and always happy to talk about baseball.

Preferred Runners: Ones who don’t take themselves too seriously.

Uses: Undocumented travel from Seattle to Salish-Sidhe or vice-versa (human or materials), access to commonly smuggled materials, Crow Orc news, or beers and baseball talk

Places to Meet: Tusks and Taters (restaurant in the Orc Underground), Bleachers (sports bar in North Bend, Salish-Orc territory)

Contact: Direct comm-link for a favored few, contacting for smuggling work mostly through the family by contacting Marv’s Towing and Salvage and asking for “Darrel or Darryl to come do a clean up.”

Available: Most any time, if he isn’t on a job, on a date, or partying (60%)


2075: Stormy Waters Brex