Arms & Tech Dealer / Connection 3

Cannon is a former runner who had the good fortune to inherit a business from a contact. The exact circumstances of that inheritance are unknown but he has provided the same level of service that was expected of the original owner, Bishop, and his clientele know the value of discretion, or they do if they wish to continue to have access to Cannon’s network. He displays his wares, a mixture of black market weaponry and tech, from the back of a semi that tours round Seattle, seemingly one step ahead of forces of law and order. It is more than likely that substantial remuneration takes place to keep it this way.

He presents himself with the hammer-like demeanor of a drill sergeant and doesn’t suffer fools easily but will deal with anyone who has a suitable rep in the shadows.

Preferred Runners: Discrete with funds to burn
Uses: Weapons and tech
Places to Meet: Back of his semi
Contact: Commcode dead drop
Available: At his convenience

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