Merc-broker and arms dealer / Connection 5 (6e)

A middle-aged human man with two obvious cyber-arms and a not-quite-so-obvious cyber-skull. Sardonic, disapproving, but ultimately willing to do business. Almost always accompanied by a bodyguard or two.

Preferred Runners: Security professionals or mercenaries. He resists dealing with street scum and dislikes selling ‘ones and twos and just enough ammo to fill up this clip please.’

Uses: Explosives, weapons, and hiring people who use them. He obviously has high end contacts, but he doesn’t gossip.

Places to Meet: The ‘Max & Co. Distribution Center,’ a well fortified warehouse complex in Puyallup, just outside the Loveland district. He rarely leaves, and you likely are not getting in without an invitation. (He rents space in one of the warehouses, but does not keep much stock there)

Contact: Commlink. And do not pass the contact info around or you are apt to get cut off.

Available: Most any time, if he recognizes who you are (80%). Maybe, during business hours, if he doesn’t (25%)


2075: Stormy Waters Brex