Note: unless otherwise listed contacts are assumed to be Seattle based


You can only get so far in the shadows without the services of a fixer, good or otherwise. Here’s a collection of some of the ones working in Seattle (and beyond) today


These contacts run the whole gamut from the student layabout with an interest in politics, the trusty bar tender who is everyone’s friend to the gumshoe who has her ear to the beat of the streets


From the street doc who will patch up the inconvenient gunshot wound to the corporate cybertechnician with a side line in knock off ‘ware, it’s a sad fact that runners get hurt or need an upgrade and these are the people they turn to


Like them or loathe them they are a part of modern life that can’t be escaped, Mafia wise guys, Vory enforcers and Yakuza bunraku owners, we have a smattering of them all


Every runner is likely to know a few more, some might even be able to call them friends. Only a few can be counted on in times of need, whether that is for intel or another gun when the heat is coming down

The Law

As career criminals it is inevitable that the law will be interested in your doings, so having some insider knowledge is no bad thing. You might find the Feds here, as well as in the Government category below


It’s often worth being friendly with the hand that feeds you, and it is a rare runner indeed who hasn’t had to accept nuyen from one corp or another


The days of ‘Big Government’ are long gone with the rise of the corps but they still have influence


Although there are many crossovers with the Street category for the average runner, this is where we’ve listed those with the Talent for wielding mana in one way or another


It’s everywhere, and so are those that use and abuse it

High Society

Runners don’t mix with these types all that often but it is interesting when they do!


The catch all category for everything else!


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