Dorothy Walker

Dorothy ‘Dot’ Walker

Trid script-writer (Toronto based) / Connection 3

A troll woman in peak adulthood, on the slight side for a troll, with a slightly bohemian sense of style (flowing dresses, bangles wrapped around her horns, etc). Wears glasses with corrective lenses. But if you pay careful attention she has a slightly haunted look, and the jumpiness sometimes associated with PTSD. (In seeking new life experiences she spent two years in emotionally devastating simulations, and has a hard time trusting good times now).

She works on contract as a script writer, currently mostly for Ares Entertainment. When not doing that she has a passion for physical books. She’s a regular at Toronto’s remaining libraries and book dealers, and has a modest collection of her own (periodically liquidated if it is too long between contracts)

Preferred Runners: Ones with interesting stories to tell, or access to rare hard-copy books

Uses: Information about the entertainment business, access to hardcopy libraries, dealing in moderately rare books (she doesn’t have the capital for the really rare stuff)

Places to Meet: University of Toronto Library, Balzac Café on Spadina, ‘Kick-Axe’ axe throwing club in the docklands east, walking along the lakefront (true to her name, she likes walking)

Contact: Message in the Storytellers Union matrix host, message left at Balzac Café, or for the fortunate few commlink

Available: mornings, evenings, weekends – she has a day job (usually)

Dorothy Walker

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