Wolf Pack Leader / Connection 4

Description: Feral’s past is as enigmatic as he is but he emerged from the barrens as a boy and was taken in by the Stillwater Community without quibble or complaint. He rose to become the leader of their defence force, which became known as the Wolf Pack after Feral’s connection to his totem animal.

After a series of devastating attacks Stillwater broke up and broke apart and Feral was left rootless for the first time in a long time. He lead what was left of the Wolf Pack in to hiding, covertly providing support to others who were hunting for the perpetrators of the atrocities he had witnessed.

As the apparent threat has passed

Preferred Runners: Those he believes to have a sense of honour
Uses: Initiatory group, sprawl intel
Places to Meet: Wherever he happens to be
Contact: Commcode
Available: Whenever he happens to be

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2075: Stormy Waters Arialles