Ganger (New Ancient), Connection 2

A young dark-skinned elf woman, with bio-luminescent tatoos down her legs, blades in her fingers, and an iron-will to survive. She doesn’t make a point of it, but she spent several years as a joygirl, learning a lot about the harsh side of meta-humanity. She was absent from the streets for a couple of years, but came back a lot more mature, experienced, and ruthless (see Run!). Despite her background she has recently been provisionally accepted into The Ancients and is determined not to mess this up.

Preferred Runners: none, really. They are sources of randomness and danger that Gem doesn’t need in her life. But she does value people who she can trust, so once you’ve proven yourself she may be willing to listen.

Uses: not much about the Ancients yet. Survival on the streets, advice on the joygirl trade

Places to meet: Talisker’s (bar favored by some in the Ancients), Mrs. Chips (cosmetic ’ware and low level medical care, where Gem helps out occasionally)

Contact: Link (40%), leave a message at Mrs. Chips (100%, but might take a couple of weeks)

Availability: Low. The Ancients like to keep their newbies busy


2075: Stormy Waters Brex