Description: Dafydd was born in the wilds of the Welsh mountains to a small clan of giants. Although he has never relinquished his love of the wilderness he never the less felt the draw of the bright lights of civilisation… being small for his race may have had something to do with it too. He left the clan when he came of age and sought his fortune, first in Cardiff, then London. He quickly realised there wasn’t much call for his skills in the big cities and so set off around the world to see new sights and explore new wildernesses.

Preferred Runners: Ones with a respect for the wilds
Uses: Wilderness guide
Contact: Commcode

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Dafydd ’’GeoLoc’’

European Troll: Giant

Born 2055 Sex Male Height 2.9m Build Robust
Nationality Welsh [SINless]
Description Whether Dafydd was named as a joke, he is slightly small for a giant, which is to say ridiculously tall for the modern world. His bark-like skin is even more pronounced than some giants making him look very much like the ents of that story.

Race B Attributes A Magic D Skills C Resources E


Body 7 Willpower 5 Surprise 12
Agility 7 Logic 2 Composure 7
Reaction 8 Intuition 4 Judge Intentions 9
Strength 10 Charisma 2 Memory 7
Edge 2 Magic/Resonance 6 Lift/Carry 1000kgs
Essence 6
Initiative 12+4D6 VR Initiative 5+2D6 Astral Initiative 6+2D6
Phys CM 14 Stun CM 11 Damage Overflow 14


Quality Value Quality Value
Allergy: Uncommon Severe [Iron] -11 Built Tough [Troll] 0
Dermal Alteration 0 Exceptional: Agility 12
Incompetant (Firearms) -10 Mentor Spirit [Mystic Guardian] 10
Precision Strikes [Clubs] 5 Quaterstaff Fighting 7
Simsense Vertigo -6 Thermographic Vision [Meta] 0


Skill Rank Pool Specialism Expertise
Athletics 6 13
Biotech 0 /
Close Combat 5 12
Con 0 1
Cracking 0 /
Electronics 0 1
Engineering 0 1
Exotic Weapons 0 /
Firearms 0 6
Influence 0 1
Outdoors 5 9
Perception 4 8
Piloting 0 7
Stealth 1 8
Knowledge Skills

Adept Powers

Power Rating Cost Notes
Attribute Boost (Agility) 1 0.25
Combat Sense 1 0 Mentor
Direction Sense 1 0.25
Improved Agility 2 2
Improved Reflexes 3 3
Traceless Walk 1 0.5


Telescoping staff [8S,—,18/—/—/—/—,—]
REvolution Arms Iron Hawk Composite Bow [6P,SS,6/12/4/3/—,—]
15 Revolution Arrows 10
3 Thermal Smoke, 2 Flashbangs, 1 CS Gas Grenade
Micro Transceiver & Subvocal Mic, Metalink Disposable Commlink [R1, D/F 1/0, P0], Fake SIN 1 , Fake Licence 1, Trodes, AR Gloves, Local Area Mapsoft
Respirator 6, Lowlight Flashlight, Bug Scanner, Tag Eraser, 10x Plastic Restraints, Medkit, 2x Stim Patch 4, Trauma Patch, 2x Tranq Patch 6, Survival Kit
Lined Coat 3 w. Electrochromic Modification, Chemical Protection 3
Contacts 2 w. Imagelink, Flare Compensation


Low Lifestyle 1 mnth


2075: Stormy Waters Arialles