Jasmine Wright “Jazz”

Tags Fre∑dom Technomancer Drone Whisperer

Caucasian Human

Age 21 Sex F Height Short Build Slight
Nationality None
Description Jazz is one of a rare breed, technos that have honed their craft with the machine souls of drones rather than in the wilds of the matrix. She had the good fortune to be born in to the Fre∑dom hacker tribe rather than a few blocks over in the heart of the Redmond barrens. Both her parents were script kiddies from minor corp backgrounds who found the freer nature of the urban tribe to be preferable to the stifling corporate environment. That their daughter developed technomantic powers was an unlooked for blessing, even if she preferred her mechanical allies to most people.

In 2072 Jazz and her younger brother Ben witnessed first-hand the corporate thirst for techno knowledge when the tribe was raided by corp spec ops. Thankfully with the aid of her drones she was able to escape their clutches, but her parents were less fortunate and it was only the strength of the bond to her brother and to the remaining tribals that allowed her to carry on. She taught herself to fight, both in the ‘trix and in the meat and her fierce Amazon persona and the pack of hounds that represent her drones are constantly vigilent against outside threats.

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Strength 2
Agility 5
Willpower 4
Logic 6
Charisma 4
Edge 3
Essence 6 No negative effects.

Phys CM 9
Stun CM 10


Firearms (ARs) 2 (7/9)
Vehicle Wpns (Drone) 3 (8/10)
Stealth 1 (6)
Piloting (Ground) 2 (7)
Tasking 4 (10)

Shadow Amps

Drone Mesh (complex form) (Amp Level 2): Effect: Control drones via AR/VR, re-roll 1D in vehicle tests
GM-Nissan Doberman Drone (Amp Level 2): Gain +1 attack (only with Doberman drone).
MCT Fly-Spy Aerial Drone (2 drones) (Amp Level 3): +2 dice to Perception tests.

Sprite Whisperer: re-roll 2D tasking to summon a sprite
Gearhead: When pushing the limits of vehicles or performing difficult manoeuvres, +2D to roll.
Emotional Attachment: Tribals


Armour clothing 6


Type Dmg CloseNearFar
Unarmed 1S OK - -
AK-97 Assault Rifle 8P -2 OK -2
Rotary Machine Gun 8P OK OK OK


Shades (image link, thermographic vision, vision magnification)
Burner commlink w. Fake SIN
Evo Revolution Monobike


Aria [Matrix Phenomenon]
Sprogget [Mechanicals mechanic]


2075: Stormy Waters Arialles