“Pat Billings”
dirty KE Detective, connection 4

Detective Billings is a human, late forties, badly died blonde hair, a bit chunky but with solid muscle underneath. She has an obvious cyber-hand and less obvious cyber-eyes. She often carries the slightly rancid smell that comes with fermented tofu.

Preferred Runners: Generous ones, or more specifically ones who understand how to properly buy a cop and how not to abuse that relationship.

Uses: Police intel, sweeping away crimes in Redmond

Places to Meet: Whatever her current drinking hole is. In 2080 it is The Horrible Harpoon, an attempt at a nautical themed bar in Touristville, that has instead settled for cheap drinks and no health standards.

Contact: Informally, during the evenings at The Horrible Harpoon. Formally via KE or her official link (if you can get the contact info)

Available: Seldom during the day, usually during the evenings.

There are many people in Knight Errant who are honestly trying to make Seattle a safer, better, place. Pat Billings is not one of those.

She worked quite a few years for Cascade Security, which held contracts for doing outside security for Novatech/Neo-Net, eventually rising to supervisor. The company had keen oversight, limiting the opportunity for personal enrichment. When KE gained the policing contract for Seattle and was staffing up she jumped at the chance to join — helped along by a favorable word from a contact inside Neo-Net security. She quickly worked the system to make it to detective because she realized that the bribes would be bigger there.

She is reasonably capable at her job and will close cases honestly when nobody is willing to give her a better offer, but her motivation is always ‘what is best for Pat Billings.’ Two years ago she was a bit too blatant in a bit too high profile of a case, resulting in exile to the Redmond division. She is desperate to work her way back to a more lucrative territory (but not desperate enough to go straight and try to earn her way back by being respected; she’d rather get dirt on someone she could lean on).

Outside of soybeer and paying for her latest boyfriend, her passion is ‘stinky tofu’. This traditional chinese specialty’s rancid smell often clings to her breath and clothes (if not possibly leaking out of her pores).


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