Seattle Investigative Services

Touristville neighborhood details available here.

Seattle, Redmond, Touristville
¥7,400/month total
¥1,850/month per person
• Comforts & Necessities: 3
• Security: 4
• Neighborhood: 4, a B security rating
• Garage (Body 5+)
• Grid Subscription
plus a second garage offsite for the second car

Low angle view of the entrance
High angle view of the living area

¥1,350/month (Mato is currently paying these dues, but the understanding is that the software is available for all to use)
AR Fashion Subscription, Business
CarnivoreGold: linguistic database and code-breaking software
MonaLisa: facial recognition software
Pheromone Detection
Thermal Mood Reading: assists Judge Intentions
Vocal Tension Lie Detection: also assists Judge Intentions

Team Vehicles
Ford Americar (Family Sedan)
+ Amenities (High)
+ Anti-Theft System (Rating 2)
+ GridLink Override
+ Manual Control Override
+ Morphing License Plate
+ Spoof Chips
+ Smuggling Compartment
+ Sensor Array (Rating 2)

Dodge Xenon (R5 p. 47, from Chapter 1)
+ Sensor Array Rating 2

Shared Assets
“The frame [of the painting] is custom. It is something like a re-usable Govi (Street Grimoire, sort of like a temporary vault of ages for Watchers), but not quite. If it contains a picture with a person in it, it can be used during a Create Watcher ritual. For the low cost of point of physical damage (treated as unresisted drain) it acts as a Govi for that Watcher until the next new moon (so up to 29 days). The watcher’s form resembles the person from the painting, and the Watcher can be activated (removed from the suspension of the Govi) and ‘inhabit’ the painting to look out as if it were the person in the painting, without being any more obvious than any other magical painting.”

Private Eye Camera: camera rating 6 w/ low light, vision magnification 3, and vision enhancement 1

Psyche, 5 doses (book value 200nY each)

Seattle Investigative Services

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