Seattle Investigative Services (Bellevue)

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Category Level LP Description Logic
Comforts Middle 3 Your home has enough comfortable furniture to fill it. It’s probably mass-produced, but it won’t break when someone sits on it. You probably have three or more household drones and a multi-function soy processing unit. Your walls are fully covered with AR paint or wallpaper. You may even have a collection of knick-knacks. Your CHN is secure enough that you could telecommute. This is the lifestyle of typical wageslaves. You have three or four useful drones, such as the BusyBuddy, including drone or virtual pets.
Entertainment Middle 3 Your home is well equipped, and you can afford subscriptions to multiple entertainment sites. You have an assortment of shows to watch at home, either on the trid or in AR. Date nights are more frequent, and you can go to the occasional large event (e.g. sporting event, rock concert). You can keep up pampering treatments and can budget for a modest vacation annually, like a five-day cruise or a week camping in the NAN.
Necessities High 4 Your home is beyond cozy, with enough space for a few guests or entertaining visitors at home. All your basic needs have been met, and you are working on indulgences. Only exceptional situations interrupt your utilities. You have a 200 square meter single family home with a large yard and nice garden or magical lodge. You have a two-car garage. You eat real food prepared by drones or metahuman staff and indulge in high-priced real chocolate and milk. Your appliances have all the bells and whistles. You wear current trendy styles of clothing and
jewelry or tailored Berwick suits and a few Zoé business suits.
This is specifically to have a space that’s large enough for five adults. Middle is only half this size.
Neighborhood Middle 3 The Middle lifestyle neighborhood is a pleasant, well-kept community. It may be a mix of high-density housing and shops, or it could be a suburban neighborhood. The public utilities, such as electricity and water, are reliable, the wireless coverage is up 24/7, and the neighborhood has a standing contract with a reputable police corporation or well-respected criminal syndicate (response times of less than five minutes). Drones patrol the streets, and you can go out at night without body armor. There are probably several popular chain restaurants to choose from, the grocery delivery services are well-stocked, and there might even be a park or green space. Your neighbors are middle management, white-collar wage slaves, entrepreneurs, and successful criminals. Neighborhood watches are common, and street crime is not. On the down side, most Middle neighborhoods will require all metahumans to broadcast a SIN and ID at all times. See the Quiet Neighborhood quality below.
Security Middle 3 Your building’s security keeps out unwanted visitors and casual thieves. Determined thieves will have to work to get access to your place. Locks and in-home security are above average. Your neighbors are likely to notice any suspicious characters or loud noises and call security. Smoke detectors and fire suppression systems are standard in all apartments and homes at this level. Your Matrix system has an average firewall and will at least monitor itself for intrusions. This represents upgrades that we would make.


Quality LP Description Logic
Homegrown Farming 1 Part of the home has been set up with a garden to provide fresh, non-soy food (raising the food aspect of Necessities by two levels).
Inconspicuous Housing 2 This home looks like any other one in the neighborhood, or some information is wrong or missing on the Matrix, making the place hard to find. Increase the threshold to find the place by two This is to convey some of the soulless, cookie-cutter nature of the neighborhood.
Quiet Neighborhood 1 The home is on a quiet little street, where people feel safe enough to walk at night. Gangs are passive or apathetic to the area. Crime around here is half what is expected for the given type of neighborhood purchased. This just doubles down on the differences from Touristville.
Workplace 1 The home has an attached garage or an available large space, secure from the elements, to work in, operate a small business, or house a magical lodge. This raises the space aspect of Necessities by two levels. The place already has a two-car garage, per Necessities. This is to double-down on that and to ensure that we have space for a magical lodge.
Living by Committee -2 Your Home Owners Association is great and keeps costs down, except for the endless rules and regulations you must follow, and the mandatory meetings you must attend (if you miss a meeting, a new inconvenient rule will be passed just to annoy you). Chores must be done (like mowing the lawn) and rules followed, otherwise the character risks eviction. This is to reinforce the nature of the neighborhood.
Nosy Neighbors -2 Whether friendly and well-meaning or just plain busybodies, your neighbors are constantly poking into the comings and goings from you home and meddling in your business. Depending on the context, the neighbors may not be too happy to find out about your “alternative means of employment” (and may even report you to law enforcement). Characters with Nosy Neighbors should be particularly careful about their activities since potential antagonists will find it easy to find useful informants (possibly misguided rather than malicious) in the neighborhood. Information gathering attempts against you around your neighborhood benefit from a +3 dice pool modifier.
Source LP Price
Base 16
Qualities 1
Total 17 7,000 nuyen per month
Roommates x1.4 9,800 nuyen per month
Source Price
Touristville 2,000 nuyen per month
Bellevue 9,800 nuyen per month
Mato’s Trust Fund -5,000 nuyen per month
Total 6,800 nuyen per month
Per Person 1,360 nuyen per month

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Seattle Investigative Services (Bellevue)

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