Seattle Investigative Services (Redmond)

Touristville neighborhood details available here.


Category Level LP Description Logic
Comforts Low 3 You own some cheap furniture, purchased second hand or at a mass-market retailer. Still, your chairs probably match, and you have somewhere to sit while enjoying your AR. You have a single household drone to help with chores; sure, it’s prone to glitches, but at least you don’t have to vacuum. Your walls are decorated with cheap AR paints. This is how we’ve been playing it.
Entertainment Low 2 You have a budget to cover some basics and enough to pay for a monthly subscription or two, all of it commercial-laden or low quality. This is to cover business entertainment expenses.
Necessities Middle 3 Your home is comfortable and cozy. You have stable utilities, although the occasional peak-usage brownout still occurs. You have a 90–100 square meter home with a patio/porch. It comes with a designated parking space in a garage attached to the home. Soy is prepared on a multi-function soy processor and is almost indistinguishable from the real thing, and you can occasionally splurge on real food like coffee on Sundays. You can afford bottled water, you have centrally controlled appliances that work, such as a laundry machine and dishwasher. This is how we’ve been playing it.
Neighborhood Low 2 The Low lifestyle neighborhood actually has some community to it. Most people live in apartments or multi-family housing and even pay rent. This is a typical part of the sprawl, with dilapidated buildings, petty crime, and little maintenance or public services. There is power and water available, although the utility companies probably ration it. The residents are low-paid wage slaves, factory workers, day laborers, and the skillwired workforce. The neighborhood pays a gang or criminal syndicate for security (response times of 10 – 20 minutes). See the Rough Neighborhood quality below.
Security Middle 3 Your building’s security keeps out unwanted visitors and casual thieves. Determined thieves will have to work to get access to your place. Locks and in-home security are above average. Your neighbors are likely to notice any suspicious characters or loud noises and call security. Smoke detectors and fire suppression systems are standard in all apartments and homes at this level. Your Matrix system has an average firewall and will at least monitor itself for intrusions. This represents upgrades that we’ve made.


Quality LP Description Logic
Easy-going Landlord 1 The Landlord isn’t overly concerned with late payments, or the occasional gunfight. Our landlord is so easy-going we don’t even know who they are.
Poor Condition -1 The home is vulnerable to certain weather or elemental conditions. For example, when it rains, the roof leaks or the basement floods. Maybe it’s so hot in the summer or cold in the winter that the vinyl furniture molds to your butt or your goldfish bowl freezes over. This conveys some of the dilapidated nature of the building, which dates from 50+ years ago (pre-Crash).
Rough Neighborhood -1 The home is in an area where people are stereotypically the criminal type. Gangs are more active, people are more aggressive, and people don’t even walk in the daytime without protection. Regardless of Security, crime is double that of the given type of neighborhood purchased. This represents the gang/syndicate activity of the area.
Sprite Magnet -1 Your home attracts sprites that seem to enjoy inhabiting your
CHN, drones, and wireless systems. Roll a die. On a hit, a sprite has inhabited a device or node in your home (such as your CHN or a drone) and refuses to allow you access for a period to be determined by the gamemaster.
Just for fun, based on recent Interludes.
Source LP Price
Base 11
Qualities -1
Total 10 2,000 nuyen per month

Low angle view of the entrance
High angle view of the living area

Future Income Streams
March 31, 2079: ¥10,000 from Hackers’ Club
April 30, 2079: ¥10,000 from Hackers’ Club
May 31, 2079: ¥10,000 from Hackers’ Club
June 30, 2079: ¥10,000 from Hackers’ Club
July 31, 2079: ¥10,000 from Hackers’ Club
August 31, 2079: ¥10,000 from Hackers’ Club

¥1,350/month (Mato is currently paying these dues, but the understanding is that the software is available for all to use)
AR Fashion Subscription, Business
CarnivoreGold: linguistic database and code-breaking software
MonaLisa: facial recognition software
Pheromone Detection
Thermal Mood Reading: assists Judge Intentions
Vocal Tension Lie Detection: also assists Judge Intentions

Team Vehicles
Ford Americar (Family Sedan)
+ Amenities (High)
+ Anti-Theft System (Rating 2)
+ GridLink Override
+ Manual Control Override
+ Morphing License Plate
+ Spoof Chips
+ Smuggling Compartment
+ Sensor Array (Rating 2)

Dodge Xenon (R5 p. 47, from Chapter 1)
+ Sensor Array Rating 2

Shared Assets
“The frame [of the painting] is custom. It is something like a re-usable Govi (Street Grimoire, sort of like a temporary vault of ages for Watchers), but not quite. If it contains a picture with a person in it, it can be used during a Create Watcher ritual. For the low cost of point of physical damage (treated as unresisted drain) it acts as a Govi for that Watcher until the next new moon (so up to 29 days). The watcher’s form resembles the person from the painting, and the Watcher can be activated (removed from the suspension of the Govi) and ‘inhabit’ the painting to look out as if it were the person in the painting, without being any more obvious than any other magical painting.”

Private Eye Camera: camera rating 6 w/ low light, vision magnification 3, and vision enhancement 1

Psyche, 5 doses (book value 200nY each)

Seattle Investigative Services (Redmond)

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