Matrix Oracle / Connection 3
Jenny Worth was born in the SCIRE during the occupation by Deus and once she was liberated, still only a baby, she was sequestered by Renraku in a special school in San Francisco. How they knew that her Gift would emerge is a mystery but nevertheless she was to become a gifted technomancer following the second matrix crash. An unlikely bunch of shadowrunners helped her to escape her incarceration in ’71 and took her to Seattle where she came under the aegis of the Old One and another former SCIRE inhabitant, a ganger calling herself Scratch.

She is an oracle, somehow able to read the flows of data through the matrix and anticipate future events…the ability is uncanny, even with details that wouldn’t normally have a matrix presence…everything is on the matrix somewhere, apparently…

Uses: Vague warnings, sometime uncanny insights
Places to Meet: Citadel matrix node, other matrix sites
Contact: Commcode
Available: She knows when you are going to call…

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