International Fixer / Connection 6

Description: Born human near Tintagel in the UK, Torrent was determined not to let such a provincial background limit his rise to power. Despite being a late victim of UGE in his early teens he pushed himself through the decaying UK education system and got a degree in Socio Economics. All the while he rigorously pursued power in the shadows as a quasi-runner face, gathering secrets, favours and influence in all circles of the UK. He came to Seattle in the fifties to expand his influence there and has subsequently formed ties in several runner hot spots around the world.

He likes the finer things in life and surrounds himself with the best, both in material possessions and the people he works with. He also has a prodigious family, many of whom work with him to expand his influence wherever he goes.

Preferred Runners: Successful ones
Uses: Fixer services
Places to Meet: Online or a wide variety of establishments throughout the world according to his latest interests
Contact: Commcode
Available: 24 hours a day

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