Seattle Investigative Services is located in Touristville, Redmond, Seattle, UCAS.

Touristville is where Highway 520 ends, right on the border between Bellevue and Redmond.

It is Redmond’s old commercial district which was (kinda) spared by the Crash of 2029, as the massive influx of squatters mostly went to the residential neighborhoods instead. All of the nice/respectable businesses are gone – their customer bases having dried up – but disreputable businesses (like yours) have taken their place.

Touristville is where Redmond has its District offices and courthouse.

Law Enforcement
Knight-Errant aggressively patrols the border with Bellevue, making sure that what happens in Redmond stays in Redmond.

In Touristville, Knight-Errant protects the government buildings and keeps a lid on the worst of the violence. They may or may not respond to automatic gunfire, depending on the time of day, the weather, their horoscopes, etc. They will definitely respond to explosions. Depending on the cop, they might also intervene if it seems profitable to do so (see below).

The cops you find in Touristville are mostly the extremes:

  1. bad cops (immoral or incompetent or both) who are sent to Touristville as punishment,
  2. the sadists who love bullying people, especially with little to no oversight,
  3. the wet-nosed rookies who don’t have any friends or political connections to get a better district, or,
  4. the idealists who think they can make a difference in the world and aren’t dead yet.

Organized Crime
Organized crime exists in Redmond, particularly the Yakuza Kanaga-gumi, but the real power in Redmond is the gangs.

The Kanaga-gumi controls the northern districts of Seattle, like Everett, Snohomish, and Redmond. Obviously Redmond is the armpit of that trinity. Similar to the cops, the Yakuza ranks are composed of either ambitious climbers who are trying to make a name for themselves, or the incompetent and the insane who need to be dumped somewhere.

The Yakuza try to work with (i.e. control) local gangs. The Yakuza certainly have better financial resources, but they can’t match the raw manpower of the gangs, especially since the Kanaga-gumi is conservative. The oyabun insists that the association maintain the Yakuza’s ancient traditions and practices. That limits their ranks to Japanese human males, which limits their potential recruitment significantly.

Katsuo “Andrew” Musai is your Small Business Ambassador (i.e. contact) with the “Redmond Chivalrous Organization” (i.e. the Kanaga-gumi).

The gangs control what few utilities there are and play judge and jury within their turf. Here are the notable ones that you’ll run into:

  • The Brain Eaters
    Turf: Touristville
    Colors: Black over white, plus distinctive red fezzes
    Numbers: Around 50

If you want anything resembling Matrix access in the Barrens, the Brain Eaters are your best bet. The Brain Eaters are electronics scavengers operating in and around Touristville. They’ve been at it for decades now and have become masters of adapting old and damaged junk into functional tech for sale in Redmond.

While known for being tech-savvy, The Eaters aren’t just computer geeks. Plenty of them will bash your head in with a baseball bat if you insult their stupid hats, or if you look like you have something valuable they might want. They make some cred by selling any cyber on their victims before unloading the body parts on the organ market.

  • Red Hot Nukes
    Turf: Route 202, east of Touristville
    Colors: Gray and red, baseball caps with a mushroom cloud logo
    Numbers: About two dozen

An all-dwarf go-gang, the Red Hot Nukes have claimed Route 202 since the ’50s. Their logo, a mushroom cloud, speaks to their passion for explosives—and their fiery tempers. They are neo-anarchists with strong anti-corporate feelings.

They excel in explosives and use self constructed bombs as a tool for extortion of protection money or for destroying buildings in order to help locals to commit insurance fraud. Sometimes they hire their explosive skills even for terrorist attacks or wetwork; they love any opportunity to blow something up. The one exception is doing damage to the local roads: nothing that would interfere with the Nukes ability to patrol on their lowrider motorcycles.

  • Death Heads
    Turf: Highway 520
    Colors: Black and Chrome
    Numbers: About two dozen

A relatively new gang, the Death Heads are a mixed race go-gang that has grown rapidly in the 2070s. The Death Heads started out as a team of shadowrunners specializing in smuggling and drug-running but have now broken into protection rackets along Highway 520 as well.

Their bikes are their most prized possessions, and every Death Heads ganger would rather die than part with their bike, which most consider extensions of themselves. Their bikes are
chromed all over and have extensive modifications.

  • Halloweeners
    Turf: South of Touristville
    Colors: Black and Orange, and/or Halloween costumes/masks
    Numbers: Varies by the day/explosion, more than 50, less than 100

The Halloweeners are particularly feral and violent, with a side of fire damage. At the street level they are psychotic pyromaniacs, but they get more organized as you go up the chain.

While they party and sleep in Redmond, most of their criminal activity is Downtown. They used to be the ultimate thrill gang, but now they’ve diversified into selling drugs and violent BTLs. They’re also involved in theft, vandalism, and arson, plus intimidation and murder. This transition is being led by their leader, Nightmare, a mysterious figure surrounded by more rumors than hard facts.

  • Crimson Crush
    Turf: East side of Touristville, and east to The Verge
    Colors: Red leathers
    Numbers: About a hundred

The Crimson Crush are one of Seattle’s oldest gangs, emerging out of the Night of Rage in 2039. It is one of Seattle’s most violent gangs, defending their turf from all threats, especially human ones. They hold one of the largest and most stable turfs in the Barrens.

The primarily-ork gang has recently started letting trolls and ork-posers into the gang. Crimson Crush operate as “protectors” of metahumans. They are known for provoking clashes with human gangs, especially those that are aligned with the Human Nation.

During Crash 2.0 they quelled the riots in their territory and provided the people with food, water, and medicine which they had “liberated” when most transportation ceased to operate. For a large piece of the Barrens, they are the closest thing the community has to a “neighborhood watch” and function as a sort of law enforcement.

The gang taxes their turf heavily and make bloody examples of those who don’t pay. Aside from protection payments, one of their biggest stream of income is from BTLs, which are popular among the depressed and dispossessed residents of Redmond.


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